I Have COVID Right Now. Here’s the Stuff No One Talks About.

Leave it to me to make it weird.

Jill Francis
7 min readJul 6, 2022


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I first tested positive on Saturday, July 2, and this (July 6) is the first day that I am moderately able to put a sentence together. Before today, the only slightly intellectual activity I could manage was playing UNO with my husband while we traded cough medicine and ibuprofen. Even at that, I couldn’t add up all the points correctly without a calculator, so I guess you can see where this is going. Don’t expect much, kids.

This is my first time getting COVID and I am absolutely blown away by the experience. Yeah, yeah, the fevers, body aches, and fatigue, but what I am really talking about is all of the other stuff that comes along with getting this stupid virus. A lot of it is odd, so I did what anyone else would do, which is Google things that shouldn’t be Googled. But, I didn’t find that anyone was talking about this stuff anywhere. It can’t just be me, so I thought I would share my experiences for anyone else out there who feels like their neurons have been so scrambled since they got sick, it seems like there’s a side of bacon coming.

First, let’s go through the basics. Hubs and I are both vaxxed and boosted. My last booster was in March and his was in January. My husband got infected when he played tennis outside with a guy that ended up positive. They did not go inside anywhere together, nor did they hug or kiss hello. (This is Italy, so it’s possible.) All they did was hit a ball across a court for an hour in 80+ degree weather. They did not have masks on. Hubs was positive three days later. I was positive four days later. Both Hubs and I are extremely athletic, non-smokers, thin, and eat healthfully, but that didn’t matter fuck-all when COVID put both of us on our asses for four straight days of fever, cough, body pains, fatigue, and general “Am I dying?” vibes.

As of yesterday, I was convinced that I was never going to get better, but here I am ready to share the Shit No One Tells You About Getting Covid.

People are still judging you for getting it.

When I have told people that I am sick, there is a definite whiff of judgment. It’s mostly coming from my American friends, that’s for sure, but there is a…



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