This right here is the issue. People (esp. in the US, don't get me started) are given a set of threats as young people and then the task is avoid bumping up against them. Don't get in debt, don't be a slacker, don't be lazy, don't have a shit credit score, don't be a slut. No one tells young people that none of this shit makes sense unless you have purpose. And purpose ain't your job. That's just what you do to avoid the threats we talked about. So, when people have "successfully" avoided the threats, what are they left with? Well, who the fuck-all knows?

Contrary to what some people in the comments section said about you adding things to your life, going on a journey of self-discovery, or writing it out, I offer a different idea: give some shit up. Get rid of the stuff/people/habits/mindsets in your life that just don't make sense. Once you get all of that extraneous bullshit out of the way, maybe you're left with something that feels like desire/purpose/direction. And if not, you know–there's always Italy.



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Jill Francis

American immigrant in Italy with too many degrees in Psychology. I write about everything I’m afraid of.